441, 4-4-1

Steve Giali

July 05.

From Steve:

4-4-1 drummer Steve Giali
Steve Giali

Hi everyone. I had to put something in this space or everyone may think I was lazy!

Since I may be first to write something in our personal sections, I can say anything, so here goes: I thought of the name and I formed the band!

Seriously, the name did pop into my head one lazy summer afternoon in Monrovia, California…

But back in ’83, in order to cool myself up from the stuff I had been doing before, I asked Glenn if he wanted to start working on some musical ideas and possibly form them into a group. So, we started working on hipper and fresher rhythm section ideas than what I had been playing before, which had been a hodgepodge of tired, Yes-inspired progressive-rock rhythms (the beats you had to count to figure out) and one-off church fare such as musicals and special events.

I remember playing along to Police tapes (no CDs back then) in Glenn’s garage. Glenn would have little to do with what I had liked before that time and he was way into Sting & Co., U2, Joe Jackson, etc. So we worked a bit and got pretty good at mimicking the guys at the top of the heap.

After a time we started to map out what was to come next. JG was my brother, so that part was easy. Mac was a neighborhood friend who we grew up with and had played with JG and me in other adventures and quite quickly it all fell into place.

Since I did not write a lick, (although the guys were almost always open to my ideas) I can say that looking back, the strength of this little ol’ band from so cal was the songs. John and Glenn wrote some great songs and brought them to us, with a little work they came to be what recorded. Somebody who we respected even was overheard wondering if we had a ghostwriter!

I heard once about Billy Joel, that he has recorded everything has written (Steve didn’t hear some of the pure crap I wrote that didn’t leave the room – GH). I think that may be true of us, we did not have a bunch of tape on the floor after we left the studio. I have a very limited amount of talent, especially compared to what guys can do today, but the great songs made me an effective part of the band.

I am leaving the rest of the band part out; you can read that in the history section.

I was the first to marry, and my wife and I moved to Orange County in ‘87. It worked out quite splendid; we are about to celebrate our 20th anniversary! We have 3 boys. They are all playing instruments with the oldest 15, out-playing me on the cans! I have been and still am involved with playing at my church in San Juan Capistrano, Sunday mornings.

Looking back, 441 was one of the great joys for me. I can remember many stories but the one that stands out was when we heard on the radio that the listeners on the Christian station in Orange County, KYMS, voted us “Best New Band.” If you have ever seen the movie “That Thing You Do!” the way they all ran down the street all goofy, well we did not go nutty like them, but we were pretty jazzed!

We took a motto from James Dobson, I believe. It was something like, “The teen years are like rafting, and if you can keep kids in the boat through the whitewater you have done your job.” I know God used us to point some kids to him, but we also new that many of our fans were Christian kids (not much different from my own, now) who need some help through the whitewater.

I think we started this whole thing of playing together again to give all of our kids a chance to see what we were, and what has happened has been a lot of fun. People who sing in the praise team at my church were fans who had no idea that that was me 25 years ago!

Please communicate back to us, anything you have, we are hoping that having the music on CD will help some people get in the way back machine, and reminisce that time in their lives. Oh and tell me how you came upon the site!

- Steve