441, 4-4-1

441 Timeline

July, 1959 Steve Giali born in Buena Park, California
October, 1960 John McNamara born in Ridgewood, New Jersey
March, 1961 John Giali born in Fullerton, California
July, 1962 Glenn Holland born in Monrovia, California
1969 Steve gets first drum set, a Royal Blue Beauty. This is Steve's only set through 441's first album.
February, 1976 John Giali gets first guitar
Spring, 1976 John McNamara gets first guitar
December, 1978

John and John perform together for first time, opening for Rob Mehl. They performed:

  1. If You Will Believe (The Way)
  2. The Magic of the Moonlight (Pantano/Salsbury)
  3. Love Song (Love Song)
1977 "Clockwork" forms, with Steve Giali on drums
1980 Glenn meets Tom Banigan, bass player and former "Clockwork" member
June, 1981 Glenn gets first, and only bass, a P-Bass style built by Wayne Charvel
Early 1981 John and John perform at church group. Glenn Holland records the performance, which introduces him to the duo
1981 "Phase Two" a somewhat reformed Clockwork with Steve on drums, Tom Banigan on bass and Tom Tetzlaff on keyboards performs locally. John McNamara later joins the group as singer.
July, 1982 Glenn performs for the first time in public as bassist in musical "Who Do You Say That I Am?" written by John Stothers. Steve and John Giali also play.
September 25, 1982 John and Steve Giali and Glenn perform for the first time together as a music group at Sierra Madre Congregational Church with John Stothers and Janice Broughton.
Early 1983 Steve and Glenn begin discussing forming a new group
Mid 1983 John Giali joins the Steve/Glenn project
Summer, 1983 Tom Tetzlaff join Steve and John Giali and Glenn in the garage. Association with Tom ends a few months later.
Late 1983 John McNamara joins the Steve/Glenn/John project
Late 1983 "Leisure Boys" and "Mr. Wilson," early names for what would become 4-4-1, perform locally in Ventura and Sierra Madre, California
Early 1984 4--4-1 records demo tape in Glenn's parents' garage. Songs include Break Out, Love's Irony, Mom & Dad and Judgement Game.
Spring, 1984 Randy Ziegler, host of the popular Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Saturday Night concert series, responds enthusiastically to band's demo tape. Randy sets up meetings with Maranantha! Music and new record producer Harry Barnes as well as lining the group up as a regular performer at an opening act to Benny Hester at Calvary Chapel.
Spring, 1984

4-4-1 makes their concert debut at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, opening for Benny Hester. For pics of the concert, click here. The setlist:

  1. Judgement Game
  2. Looking At You
  3. Mom & Dad
  4. Break Out
  5. Ronnie
  6. In His Presence
Summer, 1984 Band records first record, 4-4-1 at 3D Studios in Newport Beach, Calif. Doug Doyle engineered and produced.
June 2, 1984 4-4-1 opens for Undercover, the first of many concerts the two bands played together.
October, 1984 Break Out debuts at #1 on KYMS weekly song countdown.
November 4, 1984 4-4-1 releases debut album, 4-4-1, with concert for a capacity crowd at Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa followed by an album release party at Lighthouse Music.
November 4, 1984 4-4-1 debuts at #1 on the KYMS album countdown, outselling U2's The Unforgettable Fire at the representative music and bookstores in Southern California (it should be noted that U2's album eventually sold over 8 million copies. The 4-4-1 release did not quite reach that level.).
February 13, 1985 4-4-1 is selected as an act for a series of rallies for the upcoming Billy Graham Crusade, which includes playing the cavernous Anaheim Convention Center with Phil Keaggy (see photos by clicking here) on this night.
May 17, 1985 441 plays first of many nights at Knott's Berry Farm, sharing the stage with Crumbacher. Also playing were Stryper, Undercover, Altar Boys, Jon Gibson, Benny Hester, Isaac Air Freight, Lifters, The Choir, Rex Band and 77s.
Spring, 1985 4--4-1 is named "Best New Band" by the listeners of Orange County radio station KYMS.
Summer, 1985 Dino and John Elefante produce 4-4-1's second album, Mourning Into Dancing. The follow-up is met with rave reviews and the title track peaks at #2 on the Christian Rock charts.
March 25, 1986 4-4-1 performs at the Icthus Festival in Lexington, Kentucky.
Summer, 1986 All three Blue Collar Records (the renamed Royal Commandment Music owned by Harry Barnes) releases, 4-4-1's Mourning Into Dancing, Undercover's Branded and Adam Again's Ten Songs by Adam Again enter the CCM top 40 national sales chart.
Summer, 1986 The song Mourning Into Dancing reaches #2 on the national Christian Rock chart.
July, 1986 4-4-1 performes at the Cornerstone Festival outside of Chicago.
Summer, 1986 4-4-1 continues a very busy year of live performances, playing with Undercover at San Pedro High School in California., where Undercover's Gary Olson sat in on drums for an absent Steve Giali.
Fall, 1986 Blue Collar Records shuts down operations after non-payment of sale proceeds from distributor Lexicon Music.
May 1, 1987 4-4-1's final concert, held at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, Calif.
Early-Mid 1988 John McNamara and Glenn Holland continue writing material and eventually release a new record, Sacrifice, under the name 4-4-1 on Broken Records, then run by Undercover's Ojo Taylor and Adam Again's Gene Eugene.
1991-1993 4-4-1 "proper" re-forms for select performances. John Covell and David Archueleta participate on keyboards.
July 4, 1993 4-4-1's last concert for 12 years at South Coast Community Church.
April 22, 2005 4-4-1 plays for the first time in 12 years in Mission Viejo, Calif.
August 19, 2005 4-4-1 performs at the Broken Reunion Concert with Undercover, Altar Boys, The Choir and Crumbacher.