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L.A. Street Scene (cir. Spring, 1985)

Record label owner Harry Barnes did another of his great sales jobs and got 441 and Undercover in on the L.A. Street Scene festival, which proportedly attracted over a million people.

It was certainly an interesting experience, with a combination of interested music lovers, a few people who'd actually heard of the band (very few), and one or two street people, who made a point to come up and tell us something... we're not sure what.

Right after this gig, we had to negotiate a riot squad line, as some of the more volitile and intoxicated patrons got unruly at a punk stage, if memory serves.  We then went to some L.A. back alley for the photo shoot for our second album, Mourning Into Dancing.  It was such a nice area that Steve's car was burglarized just around the corner.

These photos were shot by band friend and often road crew member Steve Acosta.

441 band photo gallery
441 band photo gallery
441 band photo gallery
441 band photo gallery
Glenn, wondering if Giali friend Rick Bundschuh is going to put him in the back for that night's album photo session... McNamara, wondering if he would have been better off staying at home working on his Master's thesis... Steve, wondering who put all those fingerprints on his cymbals... was it Gregg Passmore? John G., wondering if the sunburst Strat was the best choice for this song...
  441 band photo gallery 441 band photo gallery  
  It was a beautiful day in L.A.  Too bad it ended with the riot squad deployed. Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos made a quick getaway while the crowd is entralled by the "Santa Anita Four."  

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