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March 17 , 2009 - 441 Concert - 'Broken Reunion' Album Release Celebration


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We're celebrating our first record by in over 20 years with our first show in three years.

On Saturday, March 28, 441 will be performing live at Mission Hills Church in Mission Viejo, CA to celebrate the release of 'Broken Reunion' - 441's new album with eight live tracks and two new studio songs.

Also performing with 441 is the popular local band Sun From Shadow.

Be sure not to miss this special event. 441 will be playing old and new songs, such as "Break Out", "Mourning Into Dancing", "In His Presence" and "Rain Fall Down".

Tickets are $5 at the door.

Facebook members, click here to RSVP.

More on the new album:

Broken Reunion, the long-awaited new release by 4-4-1, offers eight live tracks from the Broken Records reunion show in 2005 plus two brand-new studio tracks.

The project is several years in the making and portrays the challenges the band faced when one of its members became ill just before the now-famous reunion concert with 441, Undercover, Altar Boys, The Choir and Crumbacher.

Bassist Glenn Holland was diagnosed with cancer a week before the show and this album conveys the emotions the band was dealing with through their energetic set, ripping through hits such as "Break Out", "Mourning Into Dancing" and the heartfelt "Is It Enough".

To cap the project off, 441 again delivers more solid pop/rock hooks and introspective lyrics with two new songs, recorded with Jason Martin of Starflyer59.

"Inside Me", a song about trust and vulnerability, has the band at it's most intense since "Love's Irony" off their debut album.

"Rain Fall Down" is an uptemo rocker that grabs you from the start with a wall of guitars. Singer McNamara calls for the redemptive love of his Maker with a performance reminiscent of "Mom & Dad" and "Mourning Into Dancing".

We're confident you will enjoy the familar songs as well as the new offerings 441 has in store for you.

This is special pre-order offer expires March 22, 2009.

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