441, 4-4-1

Songs: Judgement Game

Album: 441

Words &  Music: J. McNamara

You say that I am insecure
All I want to know is what makes you so sure?
This is not a matter of wrong or right
But to you it's a matter of black and white

If I offend please be sincere
It's your quiet disapproval that I fear
If you ask me why I've no excuse
If to explain I won't refuse


It's a judgement game
We hear what you say
It's a judgement game
Please hear what we say

Mere opinion's not absolute
Objection without reason I refute
Love's always ready to forgive
Understanding helps to learn to live

Giving God right of way
And we want you to know
That we'll do what he says

There's only one judgement that is real
Based on your will not how you feel
God gives one lifetime to decide
Standing before Him you cannot hide


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