441, 4-4-1

Songs: Death of Innocence

Album: Sacrifice

Words &  Music: J. McNamara, G. Holland

In my heart there’s been anger
And in my eyes I see danger
Forty days, forty nights
I’ve been alone under a cold blue sky

It was the death of innocence
It was the death of love

In our eyes lights are gone away
And in this time I’ve said
Love will come my way
He’s the reason I take your hand
Do you understand?

In His eyes there’s colors
And it makes me cry
When I understand how long
The color’s gone
Until He turns on the lights
Until we turn on the lights

It was the death of innocence in my life
Caused this pain, caused this strife
It was the death of love got me this far
I watched it dying in my arms
Now nothing’s the same as it could’ve been
It was death that got me where I am

Feedback: Lawless Guitars: Shrock
Cabasa: Alford French Horn: Harry Barnes

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