441, 4-4-1

Songs: Don't Make Me Cry

Album: Sacrifice

Words &  Music: J. McNamara, G. Holland

In all the times I’ve sat with you
And listened to you speak
I never had the thought that you
Were similar to me
I never really trusted you or held your same beliefs
But now I find that you and I share a legacy

Don’t make me cry
‘Cause I don’t want to cry for you

With everything I see today
it’s really not so strange
That you are in your silly world
Playing silly games
When all is said and done with you
I couldn’t make believe
That you are innocent of all
Those evil things

And if it turns out to be true
I was a fool to believe in you
If it’s not clear enough to see
We’ve still got an eternity

All guitars: Lawless
Bvox: Eugene, G. Holland, McNamara, Powers

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