441, 4-4-1

Songs: Standing On The Edge

Album: Sacrifice

Words &  Music: J. McNamara, G. Holland

So alone, so confused
But you’ve got no one to blame
The situation is the same

You push away, all that’s true
But the foolish things you do
Always come right back to you

Your standing
Standing on the edge
And the fear that’s in your head
Keeps you standing on the edge

You’re plastic smile, is just a lie
And I don’t know what to say
To make you change your ways

The time is gone, but you still try
To convince yourself and me
That you are really free

Chenka guitar: Eugene
Solo guitar: Gaudesi
Shaker, Tambourine: Alford
Bvox: McNamara  at end: McGilvray, Michele, Powers

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